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Virtual Workshop : How to Sleep Like a Baby and Wake up Feel Energised Everyday!

Free Online 1 Hour Workshop: 10th October, Sunday 11:30am

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  • How to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling energised everyday
    Sun, 17 Oct
    You will learn 5 simple techniques for sleeping like a baby everyday. We will explore the key challenges for a better sleep, the link between the Gut and Brain and how it impacts your sleep, how to improve your Gut health and how insomnia is linked to Autoimmune diseases and Mental health.
Learn the 5 simple techniques for sleeping like a baby to improve Gut Health, reduce sugar cravings and Feel Energised!

What you will learn:


  • 5 simple techniques for great sleep

  • Link between the Gut and Brain and how it impacts your sleep 

  • How to improve your Gut health to help you to sleep better

  • How insomnia is linked to Autoimmune diseases and Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and how can you treat them 

  • How to finally get to the bottom of your sleep challenges 

  • What #1 thing holding you back from a good night sleep.

Do you feel you are getting enough quality sleep?

Do you find it hard to fall and stay asleep?

Do you have enough energy for the day or do you feel like you are dragging yourself? 

In this workshop, we will discuss how sleep is crucial for physical health and energy. In today’s world. we put value on doing more work, being more productive and more efficient but less value on Sleep and Self care. Lack of sleep causes many problems ranging from minor health issues to even chronic illnesses, depression and anxiety.


We will also discuss Gut health and how improving Gut health helps you to start sleeping well.  

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Free Online 1 Hour Workshop: 24th January, Sunday 10:30am
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Learn simple strategies to increase and improve your energy, mood and overall health right away
Who is this for?
  • Who suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety

  • Who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease

  • Who experience symptoms of migraine, headaches, brain fog, inflammation, back, shoulder, neck pain, indigestion..

  • Who are looking to boost energy, improve their mood and overall health

  • Who want to improve immunity in the current pandemic times

Do you feel that you don’t have enough energy to get through with everything you want to accomplish in a day? 
Do you feel guilty that you are spending too much time inside, not doing enough exercise or not resting well due to weather condition or number of works to do?

When these things happen or you feel tired or low energy, people intend to go towards quick fixes like consuming caffeinated drinks or high sugar foods to keep themselves going..


But that are band aid approaches and not get to the root of the problem or give you natural or long lasting energy.


Caffeinated drinks and high sugar foods affect our not only our physical health but also it causes body to produce stress harmones. These, in turn, increase anxiety, irritability and muscle tension. They also exacerbate pain, indigestion and insomnia, plus compromise immune system functioning. Unnecessarily high levels of stress hormones not only led to yelling at the kids, being rude to a cashier or worse yet, succumbing to road rage but also can cause autoimmune diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid, Arthritis, celiac disease and more..


In this workshop, You will learn how to increase or improve your energy levels that supports you which increase natural energy and improve your overall health. You will learn –


  • How to finally get to the bottom of your low energy.

  • Simple techniques to increase your energy everyday.

  • The #1 thing that’s holding you back from feeling your very best.

  • The  5 little known secrets to avowing inflammation and living a health life.

  • Why traditional exercise and diet plans may not work for you and what will.


Plus – You will receive the W360 wheel and a take-home tool that you can use to support you right away!​

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Thank you all who attended the workshop.
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