Wellness Programs

As your wellness coach, I want to support you with a program that is right for you.
Choose from Jumpstart Intensive or Transformation programsfor personalised support and guidance.
30 Days
Wellness Programs

Are you new to Wellness Coaching or have a specific problem to address. If you are super busy or not ready for longer program but still want to get started on your wellness journey then these programs are perfect for you. These programs guide you on specific goal which most resonate to you and you think which need to address first to bring some balance into your life. There are 9 Jumpstart programs which will also be customised to your unique needs, circumstances and lifestyle. 

Program inculdes:

  • Two 60min Coaching Sessions

  • One 45min follow up check in session 

  • 2 Week gap between each session

  • Unlimited email support between 9am-4pm Monday to Friday

  • Customised resources 

  • Plus Unlimited Free yoga classes at AM Power Yoga for 30 days worth £70​

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6 Week Program
From Burnt Out to Balance

Are you ready to transform your life from being overwhelmed and stressed from the daily demands of life to one where you're happy, peaceful and content. This 6 week program offer customised one on one coaching sessions for over 3 months horizon that go to the root cause of stress and cover every aspect of life including mindset, emotional/mental health, relationships, spirituality, sleep issues, nutrition, exercise, career plus customised resource, worksheets for extra support. 

Program includes:

  • Six 60 minute coaching sessions

  • 1-2 week gap between each session

  • One 45min follow up check in session

  • Unlimited email support between 9AM-5PM Mon - Fri

  • Customized resources, free guides and gifts

  • Plus Unlimited Free virtual or in studio yoga classes at AM Power Yoga for 3 months worth £195

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Heal your Gut and Lose Weight : For Autoimmune Woman 

6 Simple Lifestyle Solutions to heal your gut and lose weight, for women who suffer from autoimmune symptoms

12 Week 1:1 Intensive Program 

Traditional diets, nutrition programs or expensive gyms are largely ineffective in healing our gut or lose weight as they focus on only one aspect. In this program we focus on twelve elements including nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, emotional/mental health and self care. The program would help you develop healthy habits helping to heal your gut and lose weight which would last a lifetime.

Program includes:

  • A bank of  12 coaching sessions

  •  High level of access and support through email and what's app message from Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm to hold you accountable and keep you on the right track 

  • Customised resources and worksheets designed to help you through your journey like Food journal, Meditation program worksheets, Weekly Exercise plan, What toxins to avoid, how to read food labels and many other helpful resources 

  • Free bonus gifts including weekly food shopping cheatsheets, recipe e-book, weekly meal plan,  meditation audio guides & more

  • Plus Unlimited Free yoga classes at AM Power Yoga worth £195


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