My story


My own health and life challenges helped me to move away from them and take ownership of creating my own happiness and focusing on my health. This enables me to become compassionate, confident and happier person.

I moved to UK 11years ago and my first child was born with special needs. I didn't have family or many friends and I struggled to manage all tasks by my own and same time looking after son with special needs. I felt isolated. It was hard to find time for self care which make me feel overwhelmed and disconnected to my own self. 

I was full time mum with no career or meaning in life and I was fully dependent on my husband who was always supportive and kind. It was nice from outside but it brings some imbalance in my life that affected my emotions, mindset and even relationship and my own health.

After few years, my second son was born, I suffered from emotional trauma from unexpected events that caused me chronic stress. I started feeling symptoms of headache, chronic inflammation, shoulder & neck pain, memory problems. I went to see local doctor number of times but I was only advised to take pain killers. After a year, I then diagnosed with autoimmune disease - Thyroid. 

For those of you who haven't heard about autoimmune diseases which caused by chronic stress cycles. If stress lasts for too long, it suppressed our immune system. Our immune cells then begin to attack the body's own cells, creating an autoimmune disorder and it grow into a chronic disease like Rhemotoid Arthritis, Celiac disease, thyroid, diabetes 1 and around 50 more. 

I desparately needed help and went to see a wellness coach who supported me and gave me some tools and techniques which helped me to not just focused on nutrition and exercise but also sleep, spirituality, relationship and other wellness aspects. 

I became passionate about my health and wellness and enrolled to become a health and wellness coach. My life and health was totally transformed after I started this training. I gained not only wellness knowledge which helped me to overcome from autoimmune disease naturally but also helped to find my purpose of life where I truly feel confident, happier and peaceful.

I learnt about Wellness 360 Wheel which is holistic approach for ones health. Our wellbeing is not just depend on what we eat, how much we weigh but also how much we sleep, how is air quality we breathe,  how we move our body which are directly related to our health. The other factor which affect our health indirectly are emotional/mental health, relationship, career, finance, spirituality and more.  Even science is proving that our health is interconnected with all areas of life and balancing them is a  holistic approach to our health which is  a new way to be healthy and happy.


I am here to support other women who feel overwhelmed with daily demands of life and experiencing unhealthy relationship that causing stress cycles and affecting their health with autoimmune disorder so that they become peaceful, confident and happier. 


I am here to support you to get to the root of the issue and see what is balance and what is not balance and take smaller steps for your personal health challenges and goals to create balance in all areas and lasting changes which will help transform their life. I support with creating customised wellness plan according to their individual needs, circumstances and lifestyle as every person is unique, what works for one, not works for other. Every individual have unique circumstances and needs so it's not one-size-fits all approach. 

With technology, I am able to work with clients all over the world using a video conferencing like Zoom or google meet. You don't need to worry about additional commute time and hitting traffic on your way home.


A bit about myself and my hobbies; I was always passionate about health so I enjoyed weight lifting with my trainer from last 10 years, I go to the point of lifting 25kg heavier than my weight. I am also morning runner and I love walking in the woods with my family and husband.  I love Nature! I also enjoy reading, cooking healthy meals, spending time with family and exploring world! 

Qualification :

Certified Holistic Wellness Coach - International Association of Wellness Professionals 

Member of UK Health Coaches Association 

Traditional 200hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 

Wellness 360

Your solution to healthy lifestyle...for life

Wellness 360™ was developed to help you to embark on a new healthy lifestyle that you can maintain with ease, no matter how busy you are. In your in-depth, personalized coaching program, you’ll learn how to be healthier throughout all aspects of your life – nutrition, exercise, daily habits, emotional health, mindset, relationships, career, finances, spirituality and more.

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