Client Success Stories!

Paulina – 1:1 Coaching sessions

I’ve struggled to finding some time for myself and to relax, to do things I enjoyed before becoming a mum. With Aditi’s coaching sessions, I have changed my daily schedule, started cooking less complicated but still healthy meals. I focussed more on my mind by writing my daily gratitude journal and practising meditation. I feel more energised, very positive, more patient and focused. I am a happier person now and I will try to keep it this way. I found very good tips for better living.

Sarah – Six Weeks Coaching Program


I was struggling with high levels of anxiety and stress, feeling very overwhelmed in trying to balance work and family demands on my time, and was experiencing difficulties to fall asleep and a strong fatigue. Aditi was extremely helpful in guiding my thinking about why these issues come up and how I can deal with them. It was also very helpful to be suggested with specific strategies to help me feel more balanced, but Aditi was also extremely helpful in making me come up with solutions. I now have a stronger sense of internal peace and calm and have more control of my time and present and focused in what I do.

Rupika – 10 Week Coaching Program

I was struggling with issues like lack of sleep, no positive direction, no career and lots of health problems. With Aditi’s coaching, my life has totally changed. Today I am a totally different person – very positive person with lots of growth in every field. Major breakthrough has been in my health and career. Aditi guided me like the best mentor. My career is on top right now. In the last month, I earned a Mac book, iPhone 11 white and iPhone 11 red as incentives in my career. I feel like to live with new energy everyday. I felt like under Aditi’s guidance I could achieve everything I have ever dreamt of. 

Aradhna – 1:1 Coaching sessions

My daily life was not too much structured and I have too many goals to achieve. I was struggling to fit everything in my life. Now I am more organised and able to balance my work and home. I am taking less stress and focus on my diet and health activities. I started my new business. I am more organised now and feel more relaxed and confident. 

Gurpreet – 1:1 Coaching sessions

I was struggling with stress, panic and time management. I feel much better after the sessions, the strategies really worked for me. I feel much more peaceful and able to do much more. It’s a very useful program, anyone can benefit with this program. 

Kopal – 1:1 Coaching sessions

Today was the best session, literally needed all this. Thank you 🙂

Melanie – Six Weeks Coaching Program


I lost 2.3kg weight in 2 weeks since I started coaching sessions with Aditi.