Heal Your Gut and Lose Weight

Improve Gut Health, feel healthier and more confident

Are you struggling to lose weight despite trying various diets, joining gym or slimming programs

Do you suffer from an unhealthy Gut and inflammatory symptoms

Do you suffer from Sugar Cravings

Do you face emotional ups and downs and your emotional health is impacting your physical health
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Heal Your Gut and Lose Weight

Here is what we will cover in this program...



Mindset Mastery


Together we will dive deeper and find out the root cause of your weight problems, whether it be a busy lifestyle, eating unhealthy takeaway foods, sugar cravings or a simple lack of key nutrients

You’ll learn

  • Going to the root what has caused you weight gain 

  • Discover what works for you and what not 

  • What are your obstacles to lose weight 

  • Why balancing your life is important to manage good weight

Bonuses: you will receive

  1. Journaling Blueprint: How keeping a food journal can help you lose weight

  2. A diet blueprint: Foods to avoid and foods that help you lose weight



Heal Your Gut with Food and Supplements

Diet Salad

Have you tried different diets, joined health centers like slimming world or gyms, read health related books but still struggle to lose weight and are confused about healthy eating. Together we will work on making healthy eating habits which transform your life and heal your body.


You’ll learn

  • How food works as natural medicine in healing gut lining 

  • Nutrition protocol for healing gut and managing weight

  • How gut health help you in losing weight naturally 

  • Recipes guide and nutrition plan 

  • How basic supplements will help you to heal your gut quickly 

  • Guide on Best quality supplements, how many doses and how long to take 

  • Supplements for better digestion, mental health which will help you to lose weight

Bonuses – You’ll receive

Ebook - 4 week recipe cookbook - Simple, Quick and Delicious Recipes 

Read my Client's Success Story

I was struggling with high levels of anxiety and stress, feeling very overwhelmed in trying to balance work and family demands on my time, and was experiencing difficulties to fall asleep and a strong fatigue. Aditi was extremely helpful in guiding my thinking about why these issues come up and how I can deal with them. It was also very helpful to be suggested with specific strategies to help me feel more balanced, but Aditi was also extremely helpful in making me come up with solutions. I now have a stronger sense of internal peace and calm and have more control of my time and present and focused in what I do.
Sarah - 6 Week Coaching Program 



Sugar Cravings and Healthy Eating

Healthy Woman

Do you suffer from Sugar cravings and give in to emotional eating, making it impossible to lose weight or heal your Gut.


You’ll learn

  • How to reduce sugar craving 

  • Guide on healthy sugar alternatives foods and recipes 

  • Why it's important to work on sugar craving that lead to happy life and weight loss 

  • How to manage your emotions so that you can stop emotional eating and feel energised

Bonuses – You’ll receive

Ebook - 4 week recipe cookbook - Simple, Quick and Delicious Recipes 



Develop Exercise and Meditation routine


Do you wake up with no energy and feeling tired?

Together we will work on developing an exercise and meditation routine to boost your energy levels which will help reduce stress and inflammation throughout the body.

You’ll learn

  • Discover what exercise work for your body type and lifestyle 

  • Creating your exercise plan at your pace so that you become consistent in exercising 

  • Why exercise is not just important for weight loss but for overall health

Bonuses: you will receive

  1.  The Joy of Movement: How exercise helps keep us happy, mentally strong and compassionate with others. 

  2. The 3 Simple Meditation Guide Blueprint

Read my Client's Success Story

I was struggling with issues like lack of sleep, no positive direction, no career and lots of health problems. With Aditi’s coaching, my life has totally changed. Today I am a totally different person – very positive person with lots of growth in every field. Major breakthrough has been in my health and career. Aditi guided me like the best mentor. My career is on top right now. In the last month, I earned a Mac book, iPhone 11 white and iPhone 11 red as incentives in my career. I feel like to live with new energy everyday. I felt like under Aditi’s guidance I could achieve everything I have ever dreamt of. 
Rupika - 1:1 10 Coaching Sessions 

Have you tried different diets, joined health centers like slimming world or gyms, read health related books but still struggle to lose weight and are confused about healthy eating. Together we will work on making healthy eating habits which transform your life and heal your body.


You’ll learn

  1. My Simple success guide on how to make healthy eating a habit so that you lose weight and improve your health with no extra effort.

  2. How to control autoimmune symptoms by anti- inflammatory diet.

  3. What foods and recipes nourish your body and make you healthy.

Bonuses – You’ll receive

Anti-inflammatory Diet Meal Plans Guide: 4 week Meal Plans to Heal the Immune System

Foods that fight inflammation and Heal immune System Cheatsheet: So you know what to eat every week.

The Immune System Recovery Plan: 3 ways to improve Gut Health and Heal Autoimmune Disease Naturally.


Health Shake




Improve your Gut Health &

Reduce Sugar Cravings



Stress Management

Stressed Woman

Chronic stress not only impairs our brain functions but it also kills braincells in hippocampus that means it can lead to poor memory and harmonal imbalance which can derail any weight management program. High stress levels also leads to emotional eating and poor exercise routines. 


You’ll learn

  • Dive deeper to find out root cause of the stress and set goals to reduce it 

  • Tool to manage your stress

  • Creating routine and rituals that serve you best 

  • Discovering your purpose of life so you can feel fulfilled and less stressed

  • Why prioritizing self care is important for healing mind 

  • Sleep coaching

Bonuses: you will receive

1 . 40 Stress busters techniques Blueprint

2. My 4  Steps Guide of Deeper Connection through Communication



Lifestyle changes for long term weight loss

Rock Balancing

Most weight loss programs are temporary and unless we learn to incorporate healthy habits and detox our lives and environment, you might regain the lost weight


You’ll learn

  1. Healthy habits to incorporate to have a balanced nutritious diet

  2. Healthy habits for journaling, diet habits, sleep, exercise and meditation

  3. Step by step detoxification program which will remove pathogenic bacteria from your body and make a healthy biome

  4. Resources for natural personal care products and household things and how to make your home air and water chemical free

Bonuses: You’ll receive

  1. Adding in challenge blueprint - 3 simple steps in each area of life  

  2. 360 Wheel : that guide you how one area impacts other areas and creates imbalance


  • Customised resources - Worksheets, Cheatsheets, articles 

  • Unlimited email support Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm

  • Free Virtual Yoga classes for 3 months unlimited at AM Power Yoga STudio worth £195

Read my Client's Success Story


I’ve struggled to finding some time for myself and to relax, to do things I enjoyed before becoming a mum. With Aditi’s coaching sessions, I have changed my daily schedule, started cooking less complicated but still healthy meals. I focussed more on my mind by writing my daily gratitude journal and practising meditation. I feel more energised, very positive, more patient and focused. I am a happier person now and I will try to keep it this way. I found very good tips for better living.
Paulina - 6 Week Coaching Program