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Reduce Sugar Cravings

30 Day Program

Wellness Coaching to Reduce Sugar Cravings

Do you experience sugar cravings which make you worried about gaining weight and affect your health? We will dive deeper and find out root cause of your sugar cravings and help you to reduce sugar cravings.


What you’ll learn

  • What causing you sugar cravings and how to eliminate causes of sugar cravings

  • Understand the nature of cravings – emotional, physical or bio chemical.

  • Guide on healthy eating for sugar replacements

  • Learn alternative healthy snacks and deserts

  • Build healthy lifestyles to eliminate sugar cravings


This Program includes

  • Two 60 minutes coaching sessions

  • 1 additional bonus check in follow up session

  • Customised resources

  • Unlimited email support over 30 days

  • Ebook –  Healthy, delicious Sugar free snacks and deserts recipes

  • 2 article

  • Plus get into action exercise that keep you on track