Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life

3 Month Transformation Program

Ideal if you're new to Wellness Coaching or have specific problem area
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Do you suffer from...

An unhealthy gut and inflammation despite trying to eat a healthy diet?
Struggling with food sensitivities which mean no matter what you eat give symptoms of stomach pain, headache, inflammation, reflux?
Your gut health affecting emotional/mental health issues like depression or anxiety?
Feeling stressed and burnt out in juggling work/family life often leaving you feeling angry and sabotaging?

Have been diagnosed with autoimmune conditions, chronic digestive illnesses, skin conditions, mental health conditions?


Struggling to lose weight despite trying slimming world, gym classes, different diets?


If you are suffering from gut health problems, nutrition deficiencies or unhealthy eating habits or sugar cravings that stem to all autoimmune conditions (celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type 1, multiple sclerosis, lupus, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, all autoimmune skin conditions) asthma, eczema, fibromyalgia, food allergies, endocrine disorder (thyroid, adrenal), neurological diseases etc 

Traditional medicine might tell you that your condition is 'incurable' and you just have to 'manage your symptoms' for the rest of the life but your body has incredible power to heal itself given right kind of food and lifestyle changes. 

Traditional diets, exercise or nutrition plans just not enough, you need specific nutritions protocol for Healing Your Gut, Wellness 360 approach to balance all areas of your life including emotional health, career, relationship, spirituality, finance, quality of air etc and Functional medicine approach to go the root cause of the health issues and give the right help. 

To have a lasting impact on your gut health and weight loss, we need to have a holistic approach targeting your nutrition, exercise, stress management and lifestyle changes combining all 3 approaches which will help you to reverse your symptoms, long term weight loss and make you feel confident and peaceful. 


My 6 step coaching program will walk you step by step on how to develop healthy habits through simple strategies to heal your gut, detox your body, reduce stress and create a healthy holistic lifestyle which would help you to build a healthy gut, lose weight and reduce inflammatory and autoimmune conditions naturally.

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life

Here is what we will cover in this program...
  • ​​A bank of  12 coaching sessions

  •  High level of access and support through email and what's app/messenger chat to hold you accountable and keep you on the right track (Monday to Saturday 9 to 5pm)

  • Customised resources designed to help you through your journey like Food journal, What toxins to avoid, Gut health nutrition protocol and recipes guide, supplements guide, Stress management tools,  detoxification program, How to cleanse overgrown yeast, parasites or worms guide and many other helpful resources 

  • Free bonus gifts including Weekly Food shopping cheatsheets, Recipe e-book, Weekly meal plan, weekly exercise plan, Sleeping guide tools , guided meditation & self help program worksheets 

  • Recommended reading book list that help your personal  growth and wellbeing

Plus : Free gifts 

  • Unlimited Free yoga classes at AM Power Yoga worth £195

  • Deflame - Natural product to reduce inflammation 

  • Natural essential oils which are proved to improve sleep and wellbeing 

  • £15 off on mobile massage or beauty treatments from USPAAH 

  • £5 off on any purchase at Zenw2 collective wellness community



Mindset Mastery


Together we will dive deeper and get to the root cause of stress, food habits, physical health symptoms, lifestyle, mindset blocks so that you can overcome the feeling of being paralysed to the point where you can hardly think of doing anything else.

You’ll learn

  • The linkage between gut and brain health 

  • Discovering what are your limiting beliefs that hold you back 

  • How to overcome from your limiting beliefs and build new beliefs 

  • Achieve the mindset that bring more joy and less busyness 


Bonuses: you will receive

  1. The Self- Awareness Blueprint : How to be aware of your self-talk and live more in the present moment.

  2. Morning and evening Journal Guide: How to develop a routine and have more control of your thoughts, food choices, symptoms so that you live in the present moment and more aware of your life.

  3. Goal Map : Designing new beliefs, saying bye to limiting beliefs



Creating a Schedule and Work Life Balance

Homemade Skin Care

Learning how to balance your personal life around your family and work life helps to create overall balance which brings peace, happiness and healthy relationship. To take good care of yourself, its important to learn how to set boundaries and create schedule that help you stay focused and manage everything with ease


You’ll learn

  1. Tools and tips for creating schedule that will help you in gaining awareness and knowing your priorities.

  2. You will understand what are your physical and internal distractions.

  3. Tools and tips to balance work/family life

  4. Time management techniques


Bonuses: You’ll receive

  1. Productivity resource worksheet on how to manage time and create schedule.

  2. Tips on how to create boundaries

Read my Client's Success Story

I was struggling with high levels of anxiety and stress, feeling very overwhelmed in trying to balance work and family demands on my time, and was experiencing difficulties to fall asleep and a strong fatigue. Aditi was extremely helpful in guiding my thinking about why these issues come up and how I can deal with them. It was also very helpful to be suggested with specific strategies to help me feel more balanced, but Aditi was also extremely helpful in making me come up with solutions. I now have a stronger sense of internal peace and calm and have more control of my time and present and focused in what I do.
Sarah - 6 Week Coaching Program 



Stress Management and Inner Power Awakening

Stress can wreck havoc on our body, disrupting sleep, eating habits and harmonal balance. Meditation and spiritual techniques can help connect our internal energetic body and spiritual layer that affects how we feel connected to ourself and the world around us.


You’ll learn

  1. Explore different meditation practises and bring into practise which resonates with you the most.

  2. Understand chakra system and how it change our life and empower us.

  3. Learn Self-care rituals to keep you grounded and connected.

  4. Spiritual teachings that guide your views.


Bonuses – You’ll receive

  1. Recommended guided meditation that are known to be effective.

  2. Resources to learn about chakras

  3. Mindful meditation and visual meditation worksheet.

  4. Guide you through simple meditation practise during session.




Develop an Exercise and Movement routine

Do you wake up with no energy and feeling tired?

Together we will work on developing an exercise routine to boost your energy levels which will help reduce stress and inflammation throughout the body.


You’ll learn

  1. Simple weekly exercise plan which you can fit in your schedule even if you are super busy.

  2. Why regular exercise is important when you suffer from chronic stress and autoimmune disorder.

  3. Develop and exercise routine according to your 'doshas'.

Bonuses: you will receive

  1.  The Joy of Movement: How exercise helps keep us happy, mentally strong and compassionate with others. 

  2. Sample Running training plans..

  3. Sample Workout plans

Read my Client's Success Story

I was struggling with issues like lack of sleep, no positive direction, no career and lots of health problems. With Aditi’s coaching, my life has totally changed. Today I am a totally different person – very positive person with lots of growth in every field. Major breakthrough has been in my health and career. Aditi guided me like the best mentor. My career is on top right now. In the last month, I earned a Mac book, iPhone 11 white and iPhone 11 red as incentives in my career. I feel like to live with new energy everyday. I felt like under Aditi’s guidance I could achieve everything I have ever dreamt of. 
Rupika - 1:1 10 Coaching Sessions 

Have you tried different diets, joined health centers like slimming world or gyms, read health related books but still struggle to lose weight and are confused about healthy eating. Together we will work on making healthy eating habits which transform your life and heal your body.


You’ll learn

  1. My Simple success guide on how to make healthy eating a habit so that you lose weight and improve your health with no extra effort.

  2. How to control autoimmune symptoms by anti- inflammatory diet.

  3. What foods and recipes nourish your body and make you healthy.

Bonuses – You’ll receive

Anti-inflammatory Diet Meal Plans Guide: 4 week Meal Plans to Heal the Immune System

Foods that fight inflammation and Heal immune System Cheatsheet: So you know what to eat every week.

The Immune System Recovery Plan: 3 ways to improve Gut Health and Heal Autoimmune Disease Naturally.


Health Shake




Improve your Gut Health &

Reduce Sugar Cravings



Healthy Eating and Food as a Natural Medicine

Food is one of the important element for creating wellness in life. What we eat impacts how we look, how we feel and how we perceive us and world around us. Healthy eating can help reduce stress and stress produces diseases. Food, herbs and supplements helps in healing body when it’s over stressed and not functioning properly and act as natural medicine. 


You’ll learn

  1. How to heal digestive issues and boost immunity naturally

  2. Autoimmunity diet protocol helps you to reduce symptoms.

  3. Food diet plan help you to reduce stress and anxiety.

  4. Introduce specific herbs that help autoimmunity.

  5. Introduce supplements for replacement if you can’t eat specific food.


Bonuses: you will receive

  1. E book of quick, healthy and delicious recipes

  2. Food journal worksheet

  3. Simple healthy food ideas when you are busy



Avoid Sugar Cravings and Improve Your Health

Do you eat lots of sugar and simple carbs? There is nothing wrong in having sugar treats ocassionally but your body may be telling you by giving some symptoms like common cold, weight gain, energy level issues and over time it could cause Type 2 diabetes and insulin imbalance. Our body doesn’t need refined sugar biologically so this program will help you how to reduce sugar cravings and find replacements of sugar.


You’ll learn

  1. You will discover in depth what causing you to have sugar cravings.

  2. Tool and tips that help reduce sugar cravings.

  3. Helps you to loose weight and improve body image.

  4. Replacements of sugar that improve your overall health.


Bonuses: you’ll receive

  1. Article on emotional eating

  2. Healthy eating ideas for removing refined sugar.

Read my Client's Success Story


I’ve struggled to finding some time for myself and to relax, to do things I enjoyed before becoming a mum. With Aditi’s coaching sessions, I have changed my daily schedule, started cooking less complicated but still healthy meals. I focussed more on my mind by writing my daily gratitude journal and practising meditation. I feel more energised, very positive, more patient and focused. I am a happier person now and I will try to keep it this way. I found very good tips for better living.
Paulina - 6 Week Coaching Program



Self Care Practices and How to Sleep like a Baby

In modern culture, We have lost value for rest, and put more value on getting more done, being more productive, being more efficient which  cause  too many problems from minor health issues to major challenges. If you are one then this program help you to release stress, calm body and power down mind.


You’ll learn

  1. Importance of sleep and how it affect lives in major ways.

  2. Discover self care practice that you enjoy most.

  3. You will learn about self care rituals that will help you release stress and same time empower your mind.

  4. Increase self esteem and confidence, improve mental health and increase energy levels


Bonuses: you will receive

  1. My 5 Step guide to sleep like a baby

  2. Recommended books and podcasts

  3. Discounted massage sessions with our corporate partners 



Detox Your Environment from Harmful Toxins

Do you know that even the most health – conscious people are exposed to harmful chemicals from plastics, cosmetics, cleansers, pesticides soaked food, polluted air, water and many more. These chemicals trigger autoimmune disorder and affect our body.

Together we will work to cleanse your body and eliminate toxins from your environment so that your body can heal and help to prevent disease.


You’ll learn

  1. How to improve air quality and remove toxins from your environment.

  2. Top 20 toxins to avoid so that your health will improve naturally.

  3. Which foods are important to buy organic so that you can protect your body and prevent autoimmune disorder.

  4. How to read food labels and avoid toxins in your diet.

  5. Clean water guide so you can avoid harmful chemicals in water.

  6. Helping to buy natural product for skin, hair and household cleaning. 

  7. Keep your home from free of toxins 


Bonuses: you’ll receive

  1. How To Detox Your Body Naturally Blueprint

  2. Read Labels Guide : Top 20 Toxins To Avoid Cheatsheet