Group Coaching

Heal Your Gut and Lose Weight Naturally

Is this for you?

Have you hit a place of anxiety and frustration? Does everything you eat seem to aggravate your symptoms while your list of food sensitivities and intolerances is increasing to the point that you wonder if there will be anything left to eat in your future? Do you not get answers and you really want to understand what is going on?


Have you thought about taking foods out of your diet but you are not sure where to start?


Is your immune system weakened and you have frequent inflammation and pain?

This group program covers 6 steps - 


Week 1 Diet

  • Understand gut and brain connection and how autoimmunity and mental health condition are caused by poor gut health 

  • How to plan and prepare gut healing foods that heal and seal your gut lining and implement into your meals 

  • Gut healing recipes and meal plans 

  • What foods to avoid and what  to eat on the diet

  • 20 mins Cooking session

Week 2 Supplements

  • Supplement guide that will help you to minimise symptoms and make recovery quick.

  • How supplementS help you to reduce stress, anxiety and depression symptoms

  • How to start gradually and when to stop supplements 


Week 3  Building immune system

  • How to cleanse your body from pathogenic bacteria and toxins in the body which will help to heal your autoimmune symptoms 

  • How to reduce toxin overload to build your immune system that will help to reduce inflammation and pain


Week 4 Stress management coaching 

  • Stress management coaching and tools that will help you to guide you when you are stressed out 

  • How to deal with your emotions and guide yourself when you are burnt out, overwhelmed and frustrated.

  • 30 min Meditation and mindfulness session by meditation teacher 


Week 5 Sleep coaching

  • Holistic Sleep coaching on how to sleep like a baby

  • Self-care tools and guides to boost your mental health 


Week 6 - Yoga and stretching 

  • 30 min Yoga and stretching session by flexology expert

  • Learn how stretching heals your muscles and helps you to recover faster. 


What you will get 

  • 6 group coaching sessions of 90 mins

  • 1 week of Recipes and 1 week meal plan 

  • Videos on Gut health recipes and supplementation guide

  • Easy reference :Hand out and charts that summarise what you have learned on each call 

  • Easy reference cheat sheet - what foods to eat and what to eat on the diet

  • Recorded zoom video of each session 

  • Meditation and mindfulness session as well as videos for home practise 

  • 30 min Yoga and stretching session by flexology expert 

  • Facebook community for additional support on group 

  • Whats app support for 6 weeks 



  • You will heal your gut and improve digestion so you soon start eating all foods 

  • Food sensitivities and indigestion, constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea will improve 

  • Autoimmune symptoms like brain fog, chronic fatigue, inflammation, headache, pain will improve

  • Mental health will improve 

  • You will lose weight naturally and keep it off for the long term

Duration: 6 Weeks (90 mins each session)

Time: Saturday 10:30 am to 12 noon

Cost: £395

Early Bird Price: £320