Corporate Wellness Program

Stress Management, Nutrition and Lifestyle changes for healthier and happier employees

Heal Minds as your Wellness Partner

Taking care of your employees Wellbeing has become a key focus for today's corporates. High level of stress, busy lifestyles and poor eating habits impacts your employees health, affecting their productivity and morale. Heal minds provides a one stop solution for all your employees wellness needs, whether it be 1:1 coaching sessions, webinars and group coaching on health and wellness topics or creating bespoke programs for your organisation.

1:1 Coaching sessions

At Heal Minds we believe that every person is unique and would require a tailor made solution to their wellness needs. Balancing work and personal life, emotional traumas or poor lifestyle choices may all lead to high level of stress. 

Heal Minds partners with our Corporate Clients as their Lifestyle and Wellness coach providing 1:1 session to employees in full confidentiality. We provide a Wellness 360 degrees approach to employees problems, diving into the root cause of their issues and provide a helping hand before their issues escalate.

Our aim is to improve the wellbeing of our corporate partners, so that your workplace is a happier place to work where employees feel less stressed, happier and more engaged in their work life.

Therapy Session
Group Coaching and Webinars

We provide regular group coaching sessions and Webinars to our Corporate partners on a range of health and wellness related topics. These group sessions help to create a sense of wellbeing and help to improve corporate culture.

Some of my recent group coaching sessions to our corporate clients include

- How to eat healthy in the workplace?

- Improve your sleep to feel better and increase energy levels

- Healing your Gut - how your gut problems may be affecting your memory and concentration?

- Achieving the elusive work life balance

Yoga Group
Bespoke packages

Following a period of consultation, Heal Minds can offer bespoke packages to our Corporate client.

Our bespoke packages centre around employee health and wellness and stem from our core philosophy of ensuring happier and healthier employees. In our experience, a combination of 1:1 coaching sessions and quarterly group coaching sessions prove effective in improving mental health, increase productivity and enhance employee retention.


Our bespoke programs are aimed with keeping you in mind and can be tailor made to your specific industry as well as the size of your employee work force. For more details on how we can tailor make a Wellness Program for you, book a free initial consultation session today. 

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Group Lecture
Your solution to healthy lifestyle...for life

Hollistic approach help you to embark on a new healthy lifestyle that you can maintain with ease, no matter how busy you are. In your in-depth, personalized coaching program, you’ll learn how to be healthier throughout all aspects of your life – nutrition, exercise, daily habits, emotional health, mindset, relationships, career, finances, spirituality and more.