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Health and Life Coaching  for Women 

Simple and Natural Solutions for Autoimmune Disorders
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Aditi Rastogi - Holistic Health and Life Coach

I am Certified Holistic Health & Life coach. I specialise in helping women who are struggling with weight loss and self - esteem issues due to inflammatory  and autoimmune conditions to heal and reverse autoimmune symptoms naturally and lose weight so that they become calmer, energised and feel more attractive. 

I also suffered from autoimmune symptoms of inflammation, fatigue, memory issues which later turned to Thyroid. By making key changes to my lifestyle, my diet and developing positive rituals I was able to reverse these symptoms. In this journey I was helped greatly through my Wellness Coach Certification from International Association of Wellness Professionals who gave me the right tools for nutrition, stress management and holistic lifestyle changes. Now I am passionate to share my journey and knowledge with other women in similar situation.  

Through my coaching you will learn how to detox your body, heal your gut and immune system, develop healthy nutrition habits and reduce sugar cravings, simple stress management techniques to overcome physical, emotional and mental stress and take back control of your own life. 

If you're wondering whether Aditi is the right Health and Life Coach for you, then my Free Discovery Session would give a taste of my coaching methods and how I can help you.


You're in the right place if you answer 'YES' to one or more...

  • If you notice any signs of poor gut health - Bloating, Constipation, IBS

  • If you feel continuous fatigue, headaches or migraines

  • If you have mental/emotional health issues - brain fog, poor memory, anxiety, depression, mood swings, ADD/ADHD, Difficulty in concentrating 

  • If you have skin problems - acne, eczema, dry skin, hives, rosacea, excessive sweating, hair loss

  • If you have difficulty in loosing weight, have food cravings or blood sugar imbalances

  • If you have insomnia or trouble sleeping 

  • If you have hormone imbalance, irregular periods, infertility

  • If You have any autoimmune disease like thyroid, arthritis, celiac disease, diabetes 1 & more

Coaching Programs

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Stress and Anxiety Management

Working from Home

Better Work/Life Balance


Healing: Nutrition and Weight Loss

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Building Healthier Relations


Success Stories

"I’ve struggled to finding some time for myself and to relax, to do things I enjoyed before becoming a mum. With Aditi’s coaching sessions, I have changed my daily schedule, started cooking less complicated but still healthy meals. I focussed more on my mind by writing my daily gratitude journal and practising meditation. I feel more energised, very positive, more patient and focused. I am a happier person now and I will try to keep it this way. I found very good tips for better living."

- Paulina, 1:1 coaching sessions


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1:1 Coaching

Dedicated 1:1 Coaching Sessions, in person or via Zoom

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Wellness based workshops for individuals and corportes

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions for Women facing similar issues

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