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Empowering Women to build Healthy and Balanced life
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Aditi Rastogi - Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

From Chronic Stress to Happiness

My own life journey has seen me transform from a feeling of chronic stress to fulfilment. Due to an emotional trauma, I suffered from chronic stress which started with symptoms of inflammation, memory problems and ended up with autoimmune disease - thyroid in a year

After becoming a wellness coach, I not only overcome thyroid naturally but also found my passion and purpose of life that transformed my life.

I feel happier, confident and peaceful that fades past trauma.

Now nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients transform from stressed and anxiety to a happier and peaceful life.

My approach is not just focussed on traditional exercise and nutrition, but on all aspects of life including emotional/mental health, mindset, relationship, finance, or career, self care and more.

My approach is also not one-size-fits to all as every individual is unique. If something works for one, it may not work for another. So my coaching program is tailored to client's unique needs, circumstances and lifestyle. 

With the benefit of technology, I can able to coach anyone all over the world through video conferencing platform like Zoom.

I am here to empower you to heal your mind and body and live happily with confidence! 


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Are You ready to Jumpstart your health with my 30 Days Program?

Targeted Programs perfect for those who want to try Wellness Coaching

Stress Management
Weight Loss
Positive Mindset
Discover Your Life Purpose 
Reduce Sugar Cravings
Starting a Meditation Program
Balance Work/Family Life 
Self - Care For Mental Health
Relationship With Spouse

Success Stories

"I’ve struggled to finding some time for myself and to relax, to do things I enjoyed before becoming a mum. With Aditi’s coaching sessions, I have changed my daily schedule, started cooking less complicated but still healthy meals. I focussed more on my mind by writing my daily gratitude journal and practising meditation. I feel more energised, very positive, more patient and focused. I am a happier person now and I will try to keep it this way. I found very good tips for better living."

- Paulina, 1:1 coaching sessions


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1:1 Coaching

Dedicated 1:1 Coaching Sessions, in person or via Zoom

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Wellness based workshops for individuals and corportes

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions for Women facing similar issues

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